I hunted with Joe from Conyersoutdoors the very end of May and the weather was bad with rain. Guess what though. Joe got it done for me working in 2 great birds. 1 Rio and 1 hybrid Joe’s been after with a blonde beard. Joe is awesome and has it going on. Along with his own calls and his own hand made decoys the birds didn’t stand a chance. Also the lodge he uses is gorgeous and very comfortable. If you get extra time and want to go on a hunt with a guy that will give you 150% then you gotta book with Joe and Suzy Conyers!

Thanks Joe Conyers & Suzy Conyers for your hospitality at rackn feather lodge on our visit to Ks you guys have a great turkey killin camp goin & I recommend it to any of my friends made great friends Jacob Goodwin Jimmy Jones & Ray Olvey -you’re the kinda folk I can be real friends with congrats on your great trophy gobblers -can’t wait to get back to see you all soon

Who wants to shoot a Kansas Rio?! Well then Joe is your man! He had me on the birds everyday. I doubled down the first day with these two beautiful toms!

My buddy and I made it to Kansas for the last 4 days of the season on a last minute trip. Even though the season had been in for weeks, Joe was still able to keep us in birds every day! Both of us were able to punch tags on monster longbeards. I can’t wait to get back out there!

Kansas – the home of World Class bucks, record longbeards and Conyers Outdoors. When you are ready to hunt Kansas, give Joe a call. He put me onto my first Kansas Tom early the first morning of my hunt. He got me into a position where I ended up taking my bird at 3 yards. Joe knows how to get you into a position to be successful. I highly recommend Conyers Outdoors.

At Conyers Outdoors All my group , 6 hunters got 11 toms !! Great hunts ! Thanks Joe

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We seen well over 400 turkeys in 5 days! Thanks to Joe I harvested my first Rio with a bow! Closest to heaven I’ve been was with Joe and his wife Suzy, at Rack & Feather lodge in the beautiful state of Kansas. Can’t wait to go back! Thanks Joe!