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Bear Grylls Details His Involvement On New Outdoors Project

Bear Grylls is one of the most notable faces of adventure across the globe. With the recent announcement of his latest project — Outdoors.com — questions immediately surfaced as to his planned involvement.

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Grylls is in his eighth season of ‘Running Wild with Bear Grylls’ on Disney+ and National Geographic. He also stars in the two-time Emmy Award-winning interactive Netflix series ‘You vs. Wild,’ where viewers decide his next adventure. Forbes.com wondered aloud, how much time he would actually have for a new brand.

Grylls laid out his plans explicitly to the outlet.

“I’m going to be continuing to make my TV shows for Nat Geo and the other networks I work with, but we will definitely be creating a whole host of cool content that is exclusively for Outdoors,” he told Forbes.com writer David Bloom.

“I’m going to be across it all! From the values, to the content, to the deals and opportunities. We have compiled the best in class team to help me with this. And in terms of my focus, this is it. Everything I do will have the aim of being directed through Outdoors.com.”

The new Outdoors.com plans to include access to behind-the-scenes content featuring Grylls. It will also showcase product reviews, immersive editorial features, e-commerce and more. Outdoors+ is a membership package that will give subscribers a much deeper dive into the world of adventure, exclusive merchandise, the chance to attend Q+As with Bear Grylls. There will also be in-person community meetups at events and free outdoor guides.

A portion of Outdoors+ net proceeds will be donated to the World Lands Trust, a cause hand-selected by Bear Grylls.

“The goal of outdoors is to be the ultimate destination for everything adventure and out in the wild,” he told Forbes. “Whether it’s planning your next adventure holiday, figuring out which tent is best for your trip, getting tips and advice on travel, locations, expeditions or simply tuning in and listening to some inspirational stories and behind the scenes experiences from our experts. We are here to empower, equip and inspire. To be the ultimate trusted home of adventure. Making the outdoors fun, accessible and geared for you.”

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  1. Looks like he’s chasing billionaire status because being a millionaire in not enough. Adventure my foot. This is a money making opportunity using his fame. Kind of Shameful really.

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